In recent years, video intercom system is the basic configuration of building community. Due to the increasing demand of people, the market of 4 wire intercom is expanding constantly, and there are many video intercom manufacturers offer 4 wire video intercom. But we are a high-tech enterprise, a video intercom manufacturer with more than 40 years. It is important that Roule owns R&D team, automation production line and export experience. Thus, it is sagacious to choose Roule.


Our 4 wire intercom has a large sales volume among many types of products. Roule attaches importance to innovation and development. We also constantly introduces new technologies and continuously upgrades products, making the product functions diversified and competitive, so that the sales market of intercom, especially 4 wire video intercom, continues to expand, and the product meets customers needs.



Rich Features of our 4 Wire intercom


Two-way intercom and remote unlocking. 4 wire intercom supports two-way communication between the indoor unit and the outdoor monitor. When the visitor presses the button on the doorbell camera, you can see and talk to the visitor. Compatible with electric lock and indoor unlocking, you can connect the electric lock to this system. With this function, you don't need to go to outside to open the door for the guest, you just need to press the unlock button on the display. It brings great convenience to you and your families.



Capture motion detection or video. When the visitor presses the button of 4 wire video intercom or detects a slight movement in front of the door, the camera will automatically capture or video and save it in the TF card. You can easily record the situation of outdoor to improve family safety.


Safety and convenience. 4 wire video intercom, having stable function, broad vision, let you know the external situation. Also, this 4 wire video intercom can be used everywhere, such as apartments, villas, hotels, offices and public buildings. The beautiful appearance is unique in the market and can decorate your house, office, company, etc.

Most overseas well-known brand purchasers assess our 4 wire intercoms with favorable price and multi-function are practical. On the one hand, they look so good with any decor and the camera portion can be placed out in the weather as they are weatherproof . On the other hand, they support multiple households, which can call more different rooms or families if wanted. Besides, the cameras and the monitors have good enough pictures for easy identification of the person pressing the intercom.  



Usually, after testing the sample, customers will customize in batches because they recognize our 4 wire video intercom in good quality and our brand with a long history. Moreover, customers are satisfied with our complete product accessories, solid and beautiful packaging, and eco-friendly materials. They consider that we are very considerate for them.


In general, Roule’s 4 wire video intercom is of superior quality and favourable price, and it is the first choice of intercom.



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