WiFi Motion Sensor Alarm, the Best Choice of Alarm


What is a WiFi Motion Sensor Alarm?

WiFi motion sensor alarm, the smart motion sensor alarm, supports 2.4GHz WiFi. With infrared detection, this kind of alarm has a good performance. When the WiFi motion sensor alarm detects a movement, you will get an instant push alert on your phone and the alarm will issue an alert. Motion detection is one of the key features of WiFi motion sensor alarms. When the PIR sensor is triggered, a notification will be sent to your mobile phone. There are two modes of alarm that are Arming Mode and Disarming Mode. With low standby power, you can save energy and use it for a long time.    

WiFi motion sensor alarm


WiFi motion sensor alarm has sound and light alarm and application alarm, as well as with "Tuya Smart" application control, without a hub. When any motion is detected, the WiFi motion sensor will be activated and make a sound, and send you an alarm notification through the application simultaneously. Our Tuya motion detector includes up and down detection windows, wide-angle and remote detection, and supports 360-degree adjustment of detection range. Because of the infrared design, it can prevent people from climbing on the sensing blind area without triggering an alarm.


Where to get the reliable WiFi Motion Sensor Alarm?

Roule’s WiFi motion sensor alarms are popular among overseas customers. They have great confidence in the quality of our products. A large number of customers customize our WiFi motion sensor alarm as they are satisfied with our products and services.

Customers think our WiFi motion sensor alarm is great. Setup is very easy in the “Tuya App” on the network automatically, which is nice for remote control. It has an adjustable alarm time and sounds, as well as the sound, is quite loud. What’s more, the motion sensitivity is also pretty good. Users use it to detect motion in a large area and multiple entries points to the home. The App will send a push notification instantly when the alarm has been triggered if you are away from home.

Customers also like the flexibility in the alarm modes of our WiFi motion sensor alarm. You can even set up a “secret mode” to alert you that the motion has been detected without actually sounding the alarm itself, just sending out the push notification with an alarm sounding on the phone App so you don’t miss it. The USB power cable that comes with the device is extremely short so you have to use another one you had laying around.       


WiFi motion sensor alarm

Final decision

The upgraded WiFi motion sensor alarms are smart alarms with a 24-hour online wireless network, which have low power consumption. They only need batteries and USB cables, saving money and the trouble of replacing batteries. Also, we offer a 24-month warranty. Please feel free to purchase our WiFi motion sensor alarm. Don’t worry about the after-sale service.


It's definitely a wise choice to choose Roule’s WiFi motion sensor alarm if you want to search alarm, DIY installation will be available. Our new models are ready to launch. Come on! All kinds of wireless alarm items are waiting for you to select.



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