Enterprise culture

With the people-oriented concept, the corporate development, the outstanding talents and the corporate culture present an excellent combination in ROULE Company. In order to increase the cohesion between the employees and the enterprise, training is regular offered to improve the employees' work skills and various activities about the corporate culture are frequently launched.

ROULE Company paid close attention to both the employees' work achievement and their after-work lives. During the holidays, the employees themselves hold wonderful literary and artistic party and different sport events, bringing a lot fun to their lives. Meanwhile, they work together well to make contribution to the company .And the warm and happy atmosphere fills in this big family, ROULE Company.

Imp.& Exp. Department:

TEL:86-756-8818129 / 8818135 / 8910298 / 8819265 / 8911651 / 8818450
ADDRESS:No. 12,Pingdong 3rd Road, Nanping Industry Community, Zhuhai City, GuangDong, China


Domestic Contact:

TEL:86-756-8818706 / 8818705 / 8919263 
ADDRESS:No. 12,Pingdong 3rd Road, Nanping Industry Community, Zhuhai City,GuangDong, China

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